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Diamondbacks Come to Agreements With Montero and Roberts

By Scott Allen

So much for arbitration for Miguel Montero.  Just a couple of hours before he was to meet with an arbitrator, he came to an agreement with the Arizona Diamondbacks for $5.9 million.  He was asking $6.8 million and the D-backs were originally offering $5.4.  Although Montero didn’t get his $6.8 million, I think this shows both sides wanted to avoid the business of going in front of an arbitrator, no matter what either side said leading up to the meeting.  Also coming to terms was Ryan Roberts.

Roberts had been asking for $2.275 million and the Dbacks were offering $1.65 million.  They settled on $2.012 million.  Not a bad days work for Roberts either.  Both Montero and Roberts were well deserving of raises in 2012.

If both players, who signed one-year contracts, can improve on their 2011 numbers, I would expect both to be paid handsomely more in 2013 and also get a longer contract.  Montero hit .282 with 18 HR and 86 RBI while Roberts hit .249 with 19 HR and 65 RBI in 2011.  I think the consensus is on Montero you should expect a little more in the power numbers and see some improved defense, which was already on its way to improving.  With Roberts, I think most were disappointed in the batting average after starting hot in April last year.  There has also been a question as to whether he can play everyday.  You however can include me in the camp of thinking that he can produce on a daily basis.