MLB Network’s Top Ten Right Now: D-backs’ Snubs (Pitchers)

By J. Levi Burnfin
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MLB Networks Relievers

  1. Mariano Rivera
  2. Mike Adams
  3. Craig Kimbrel
  4. Joaquin Benoit
  5. Jonathan Papelbon
  6. Andrew Bailey
  7. Ryan Madson
  8. John Axford
  9. Heath Bell
  10. Joakim Soria

I believe Petco has done wonders for both Heath Bell and Mike Adams over the last few years and consider both to be too high on this list. Bell should fall off completely while Adams should be nearer the bottom. Soria had a tough year last year and even though I believe in Soria as a pitcher, last year’s strugglers should keep him off this list. So to take those spots, I would add Jonny Venters and Tyler Clippard. Both of these pitchers do not get the recognition they deserve because they are not closers. However, they are lights out relievers for their perspective clubs with Clippard having a .084 WHIP and a 4:1 K:BB ratio. As of right now, the D-backs do have, nor deserve a player, on this list. JJ Putz has a comeback season last year and David Hernandez was fantastic at times, but each had their struggles as well.

My Rankings:

  1. Mariano Rivera
  2. Craig Kimbrel
  3. Jonathan Papelbon
  4. John Axford
  5. Andrew Bailey
  6. Ryan Madson
  7. Tyler Clippard
  8. Joaquin Benoit
  9. Mike Adams
  10. Jonny Venters