Ranking the Rattlers #5: 1B Paul Goldschmidt

By Unknown author

This is my 4th update in my ranking of the eight position player starters for the Arizona Diamondbacks.  It appears that my projection of Gerardo Parra starting off in left field might not fall through, but I’ll stick with it to the bitter end.

Here’s a rundown of where we are at thus far.

#8 – 3B – Ryan Roberts

#7 – 2B – Aaron Hill

#6 – LF – Gerardo Parra

#5 – 1B – Paul Goldscmidt

I really struggled with putting Goldscmidt this far down on the list, however when it came down to it, he’s simply proved too little at the major

league level to justify putting him ahead of the more established names in the Diamondback’s lineup.  He’s easy to put ahead of Ryan Roberts–an exceptional utilityman–and Aaron Hill–who’s trying to prove he’s not the Dexys Midnight Runners of 2nd basemen thanks to his 2009 season.  You know…Come on Eileen?

Anyway, enough of the one-hit wonders of the 1980s references.  D-backs first baseman Paul Goldschmidt looks to be about as close to a one-hit wonder as the Beatles.  After terrorizing minor league pitchers, Goldschmidt warranted a late season call-up.  While his production was impressive–8 HRs, 22 RBI and 4 SBs in just 156 ABs–his batting average was only .250 and he struck out a “healthy” 53 times.  Both negatives–based upon his minor league stats–seem to be something he will improve on as he grows accustomed to major league pitching.

Never mentioned with the Bryce Harpers of the world, Goldschmidt came in as Baseball America’s #9 D-Backs prospect prior to 2011.  However, thanks to his productive call-up–and outstanding post season–Goldschmidt has the feel of a borderline All-Star player…especially in the firstbase starved National League.  While it may seem like #5 is low ranking for Paul Goldschmidt he very well could be much higher on the list next season.

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