MLB Set to Announce Expanded Playoff Teams for 2012 Season

By Unknown author

While the Marlins and Braves of the world—likely pidgeon-holed behind the Phillies—stand to benefit the most in the National League, this is clearly advantageous to the Diamondbacks as well.  The D-Backs are likely the class of the NL West

but the Giants aren’t seen as far behind and you never know if the Dodgers or Rockies will break out to surprise everyone.  With the NL Central looking to be a three team race and the NL East perhaps there as well, there will most likely be eight teams vying for the five National League playoff spots.  The D-Backs, Cards, Phillies, Giants, Brewers, Reds, Marlins and Braves seem to be the most likely playoff contenders in 2012.

Of course the easiest path to the playoffs for the D-Backs is to simply win the NL West, but every little bit helps in their quest to return to the World Series.

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