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Kirk Gibson Quickly Winning Over Fans

By Unknown author

Kirk Gibson hasn’t always come across as the most approachable personality in baseball over his long playing and blossoming coaching careers.

Gibson kind of reminds you of that cranky uncle.  Not the old one who just likes to sit in the EZ Chair and complain.  The one who has seen it all, but doesn’t feel the need to share those stories with a punk kid like you.  The one who just gives a disapproving look when he catches you goofing off at a family gathering.  You know he won’t tell your parents he’ll just make you live with that stare.  That makes it worse.  You just disappointed Uncle Gibby.

The Diamondbacks have played up Gibson’s no-nonsense image in their new “Gibby is Watching” marketing campaign.  The ads play out perfectly simply because Gibby does nothing but be himself.  You can catch the wonderfully cheesy commercials here and here.  However, word comes out today that maybe Gibby isn’t all tough guy after all.  According to Scott Miller of CBSSports.com, the old softy is making it mandatory for D-Backs to sign autographs for fans each day at spring training:

As if leading a return to the NL West Title wasn’t enough to increase Gibby’s popularity, he’s just added another reason.

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