Indians at Diamondbacks: Mike’d up Game Impressions

By Unknown author

It’s been an entertaining, but essentially one-sided affair thus far at Salt River Fields, as the Diamondbacks trail 9-2 heading into the 6th inning.

First off I’ll touch off on the in-game audio.  While it has the impression that you’re actually at a game, the live mike’d up audio aspect probably

isn’t ideal for a baseball game.  It’s a cool once in a while touch, and perfect for a spring game, but you learn quickly that–even at the professional level–baseball players don’t say much during the game.  Among the highlights were Jason Kipnis, second baseman for the Cleveland Indians.  Kipnis cracked a joke that he could “open his eyes now” after fielding a one-hop hot shot off the bat of Aaron Hill and he was caught singing during a lull in the action in the second inning.  Henry Blanco also provided a bit of humor in the first with an exchange with Cleveland Indians starter David Huff, focusing on the American League pitcher attempting to bat.  The conversation culminated in a Huff strikeout.  We also learned that Cleveland’s third base coach Steve Smith has been to France and that Kirk Gibson didn’t know what time the game started.

As for the in-game action, the Diamondbacks are once again on the wrong side of a one sided affair.  Trevor Cahill had a terrible start to his career as a Diamondback, but he settled down after a 2 home run, 3 run first inning to send the side down in order in the second.  Paul Goldschmidt‘s leadoff double off the wall led off the second.  He scored on a Ryan Roberts groundout.  Gerardo Parra also scored in the second on a Henry Blanco double.  Probably most discouraging for the Diamondbacks was the appearance by prospect Tyler Skaggs.  A wild Skaggs allowed four walks and a grand slam to the light hitting Jack Hannahan and simply looked overmatched.

Overall the broadcast has offered an interesting viewing experience even as the Diamondbacks spring struggles have continued.

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