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30 Clubs in 30 Days: D-Backs to be Featured on MLB Network March 15th

By Thomas Lynch

The 30 Clubs in 30 Days series shown on MLB Network ranks as one of my favorite annual rites of Spring.  On Thursday evening March 15th at 8 PM EST, the Arizona Diamondbacks will be put under the microscope.  We will get the chance to see some of our favorite analysts such as Mitch Williams discuss the D-Backs and their upcoming 2012 season for 60 minutes.   By the way, “Wild Thing”  likes Arizona to repeat in the National League West.

For those who don’t follow Arizona on a daily basis, it will be their chance to get to know the team a little better and why all of us here at Venomstrikes are high on the Diamondbacks’ fortunes for this season.   Actually, one of the reasons why I like 30 Clubs so much is that it allows me to become familiar with players and teams that I may not get a chance to see regularly.  When I was a kid, I would get to know all players in baseball by collecting baseball cards and spend hours memorizing their stats.   Today, we have the Internet where we can pull up stats and footage of all players, even prospects we have not seen but have heard their names as future stars. 

I hope all fans can tune in Thursday night to see not only the present D-Backs but also to get a glimpse of their future when John Hart evaluates some of their top prospects.   Arizona is probably still not much of a household team to the casual fan.  What better way for those fans to be introduced to one of baseball’s up and coming franchises than to have respected broadcasters have an entertaining chat for one whole hour.

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