Damondbacks Rotation Continues to Struggle

By Unknown author

The good news is that the D-Backs finally won another spring game.  The bad news is that once again their starting pitching struggled.

Again, spring games are no reason to panic.  We’ve all said it and will continue to say it, but anyone who thought that the rotation would hit the

groung running in spring–and continute to roll all the way to the World Series–is unfortunately in for a surprise.  The past poor start came from phenom prospect Trevor Bauer in the D-Backs 8-5 win over the Seattle Mariners, which perhaps pushes Bauers’ bid for a rotation spot a bit further down the road.

Bauer allowed four hits and two runs over two innings.  However, he did strikeout two and seemed to know–according to the team’s official site–that his issues Friday stemmed from his inability to hit his spots:

“I was missing more down in the zone today than I like to,” Bauer said. “I like to pitch in the upper half of the zone, and today I was getting the ball at the knees and they were hitting it. You throw the ball down in the zone, it loses effective velocity and they can square it up where when it’s up in the zone it gets on them quicker.”

Barry Enright–who had a rough abbreviated 2011 with the Diamondback–will get his shot tonight against Mariners.  Other than in an emergency start, Enright isn’t expected to compete for a rotation spot this season.

Again, I can’t stress that there is no reason for alarm and perhaps the pitching staff has the starters working on certain aspect of their repertoire, but the trend is something to at least keep track of.

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