NBCSports Blogger Picks the D-Backs to Repeat in the NL West

By Unknown author

As the baseball season starts to creep towards us, baseball predictions are starting to pile in.

A good site for up to the second baseball news is the NBCSports blogsite, www.hardballtalk.com.  They’ve been giving a rundown of every MLB team heading into the season.  In his assessment of the Arizona Diamondbacks, author Craig Calcaterra initally appears to be questioning the viability of the D-Backs attempt to repeat but quickly assures fans that the D-Backs are for real and that their poor 2010 season was more of the aberration–caused by an awful bullpen–than their 2011 NL West winning season was.   Among the other highlights:

1. Calcaterra likes the addition of Trevor Cahill and feels it pushes Joe Saunders down the depth chart and gives the D-Backs insurance if Ian Kennedy‘s 2011 was a fluke.

2. He heavily questions the re-signing of Willie Bloomquist and signing of Jason Kubel–who’s defensive liabilities Calcaterra feels will cause Kirk Gibson fits.

3. He especially likes the D-Backs when considering the rest of the NL West did little to attempt to catch them this offseason.

Calcaterra doesn’t appear to be completely enamored with the D-Backs, but seems to think enough of them to pick them to repeat in 2012.  You can check his entire article out on Hardballtalk right here.

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