ESPN Panelists like D-Backs in 2012, but it’s not Unanimous

By Unknown author

ESPN Released their annual 2012 MLB Predictions, and while the Diamndbacks are heavily favored to return to the playoffs, it’s not unanimous that they will get there.

Of the 49 panelists, 33 predict the Diamondbacks to win the AL West while another 8 predict them to make it to the Wild Card play-in game.   The Giants received 14 picks to win the division and Dodgers and Rockies each received one selection.  15 panelists think that the Diamondbacks will make it to the World Series, however none of them think that the D-Backs will prevail.  8 panelists believe the D-Backs will fail to return to the playoffs in any capacity.

Overall, the Los Angeles Angels–with the additions of Albert Pujols and CJ Wilson–are the most heavily selected team to win the World Series with 18 selections among the ESPN crew.  The Rangers and Rays were picked 7 times, the Tigers 6 times, the Phillies 5 times, the Yankees 3 times, the Cardinals 2 times and the Red Sox 1 time.

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