A Poem for the 2012 Arizona Diamondbacks

By Thomas Lynch

Attention fans, come one, come all

Opening Day is here, it’s time to play ball.

The D-Backs open against a pitcher named Tim

How we hope Chase Field is filled to the brim.

Who gets the first hit of the season, Montero or Hill?

We all know that Upton will sure get his fill.

Kennedy will make the Giants hitters whine and pout

Helped by a bullpen that’s really lights out.

It will be the D-Backs and Giants with the Dodgers not far away

But the Rockies and Padres will not be kept at bay.

For those who think the AL East is the best

Surely has not seen the Wild, Wild NL West.

All of these teams have stars galore

The talent level of each is definitely not poor.

Every team thinks they can be the cream of the crop

But it is Arizona, defending champs, who start out on top.

As Spring turns into Summer and Summer into Fall

It will be the boys from the desert who will be standing tall.

Led by Gibby, this is a team that does not quit

They will prove that last season was certainly legit.

As the playoffs roll on and the D-Backs keep winning

The folks around baseball will have their heads spinning.

When the games are complete and there is no more fight

It will be Arizona saying, “World Series to all and to all a good night”.

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