D-Backs with the most to prove shine in win

By Unknown author

In the grand scheme of things, it’s just one win.  A division win against the rival’s ace, but one game nonetheless.

However, probably the biggest positive from the first game of the season is that several Diamondbacks that will be counted on to deliver this year came through the biggest.  We know who guys like Miguel Montero, Justin Upton and closer JJ Putz are.  They’re going to contribute in their typical productive ways.  However, guys like Paul Goldschmidt, Ian Kennedy, Chris Young and Ryan Roberts are four of the D-Backs that could provide the tipping point from good to great club.  They all shined for at least one day.

Young and Goldschmidt got to the normally untouchable Tim Lincecum early with long home runs, giving the team a ton of confidence.  Roberts offered the final nail in the coffin for Linceum, chasing him from the game in the 6th with a bases loaded, 2-run double to deep left field.  Young has had an up and down career despite a ton of ability, while Goldschmidt and Roberts will have the burden of proving that their productive 2011 seasons weren’t flukes.  So far, so good after one game.

Kennedy, meanwhile, will likely be under the most scrutiny of any D-Back this year.  Without the blazing stuff that other aces such as Lincecum, Justin Verlander and Felix Hernandez possess, Kennedy needs to rely on pinpoint control, a sound gameplan and deceptive delivery.  Because of this a ton of critics are questioning Kennedy’s ability to relive his 2011 season, but in outpitching one of the game’s most dynamic aces in the first game he’s looking like he can perhaps can build upon last season.

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