Willie Bloomquist and Pablo Sandoval Tift adds fuel to rivalry

By Unknown author

It’s not like the San Francisco Giants and Arizona Diamondbacks needed any more fuel to add fire to their intense rivalry.

While the Los Angeles Dodgers might have been the biggest rival of the San Francisco Giants up until last season, the tide could be changing quickly.  Last season the upstart D-Backs overtook the defending champ San Francisco Giants by coming out of nowhere to win the NL West by 6 games.  After losing two one-run games to start the season to the D-Backs, the Giants were in prime position to avoid the sweep with Matt Cain going against struggling starter Josh Collmenter on Sunday.  Things started well with Collmenter getting beat up as the Giants ran off to a 6-0 lead, but it didn’t end well for the Giants–and a minor war of words between Giants third basemand Pablo Sandoval and D-Backs shortstop Willie Bloomquist seemed to show the frustration of the Giants.

With their lead collapsing, Sandoval accused Bloomquist of stealing signs and relaying them to D-Backs hitter Justin Upton.  The showdown never escalated to more than words and dirty looks culminated by a mild confrontation, but if the Giants are indeed convinced D-Backs hitters were stealing signs you can bet that this story isn’t over yet.

You can view the incident here.

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