Hash Madness! Does #GoDbacks Twitter Tag Plug Into the Chase Field Scoreboard?

By Unknown author

Rumor has it that a silly rumor is flying around.  One that is so ridiculous that it actually has me wondering.

Kinda like the joke that goes “If you look at the word ‘gullible’ long enough it looks like the word oranges”, yes I looked it longer than I should have, Hardballtalk is reporting on a story that the Twitter tag #GoDbacks will display the twitter messages that contain that tag on the Chase Field scoreboard.  Ridiculous…right?  That’s why I’m writing an article on this.  In no way do I believe this….but what if it’s true…nonsense….but can anyone confirm this?  Uh, not that I need confirmation for something I know isn’t true but it would be nice.

Anyway, HBT posted their favorites from the Phillies invasive and I have to concur that some are downright histerical.  My personal favorite is the one by teenager looking for a buyer at the stadium

–not that we condone that sort of conduct–but he’s trying a very creative angle to get a beer.

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