Vlad Guerrero Scheduled to Workout for the D-Backs

By Thomas Lynch

 I wasn’t sure if my eyes were deceving me at 1:30 AM Monday morning.  While  my 13-month old son was up for yet another middle-of-the-night  milk guzzling party, I noticed an item on the MLB Network scrawl that Vladimir Guerrero was scheduled to workout of the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Apparently, GM Kevin Towers mentioned this on the air during Sunday’s game vs. the Marlins.   The simple question is:  Why?

It may not be much of anything.  Towers is scheduled to visit the Dominican Republic to check out other potential prospects.  Why not go see a future Hall of Famer?   On the other hand, perhaps Chris Young’s shoulder injury is more serious than originally reported.   Jason Kubel and Gerardo Parra have filled in nicely right now.  Vlad’s position when playing on the diamond is Right Field; I don’t think (sarcasm alert) Justin Upton will not be moved for him.  Will there be something else in mind for the former MVP?

If Towers’s trip to see Vlad is more than flirtation and is actually signed will he be bringing along a first baseman’s mitt?   Paul Goldschmidt is batting a woeful .185 and while Lyle Overbay is a good hitter, he is not the power threat that Guerrero represents.  If Young is out for an indefinite period of time, his power will have to be replaced.  Vlad even with diminished skills may be that guy.  If he does not play the field, would he make a good pinch hitter/bench player?  That would be tough to say.  He is seeking to be paid $5 million dollars, hardly a salary for a someone in a reserve role. 

Maybe this is much ado about nothing.   GM’s have to explore all reasonable options to help their ballclub.  It says here there is no room for Vlad Guerrero in Arizona.  However, that is why I write and not make personnel decisions.