D-Backs on Life Support? Arizona’s Next 4 Weeks May Provide the Answer

By Thomas Lynch

This season, which started out with such promise and great expectations is in danger of slipping away from the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Sure, you may say, it is only mid-May and on this date last season they were 17-22 as opposed to the current 15-21 record.   True, but the season is over 20% finished and one can not expect exactly similar results to 2011.  Also, there were only 5 games out of first place last year compared to 9.5 games out in 2012.   Perhaps the biggest difference is the fact that the Dodgers will not be going away and possess the best player (Matt Kemp) and the best pitcher (Clayton Kershaw) in the division.

You can blame the injuries of Chris Young and Daniel Hudson for the  month-long malaise but teams all around baseball have suffered injuries and some like the Mets have thrived in spite of their player losses.   Even when those guys and Stephen Drew come back, not all of the D-Back ailments will go away.   The starting pitching needs to go deeper into games to give an overworked bullpen a much-deserved rest.  The offense may not truly get going until Justin Upton  gets out of his funk.   If the team continues to struggle, we could be looking at a fire sale come July 31st, with Joe Saunders being a prime trade candidate. 

The next four weeks will give us an idea where this season is headed.  Beginning today until June 6th, Arizona will play 15 games against NL West opponents.   After playing three games against Oakland, it will be off to Texas for the best in baseball Rangers followed by a trip against the Angels.  After the finale against the Halos, the calendar will read June 17th.  We will know then if the D-Backs will be in it until October.

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