Trevor Bauer’s Promotion to Triple-A Shows a Sign of Caution

By Unknown author

Trevor Bauer fans didn’t get their wish yesterday, but they got the next best thing.  The phenom prospect was promoted from Double-A Mobile to Triple-A Reno yesterday and he will start for the Aces tonight.

Determining that Bauer proved all he needed at Double-A, Kevin Towers and the D-Backs organization opted to promote him to Triple-A rather than immediately to the majors as was expected earlier this season.  It appears to be a savvy move.  While Bauer was dominating hitters to the tune of a 1.68 ERA and 60 strikeouts in 48.1 innings, his 25 walks are a reason for concern and perhaps the sole reason to prolong his minor league stint.  A few starts at Triple-A will allow Bauer to work with a much more expecienced pitching coach–24 year coaching vet Mike Parrot–perhaps helping him corral some of his control issues.

While the promotion doesn’t mean that a major league appearance by Bauer is imminent, it obviously means that it’s closer.  It also means that the D-Backs are holding back Bauer as long as they can.  If he dominates at Triple-A and at least limits his walks, there’s little doubt that he will be up with the big club this season.  This is especially the case if the D-Backs begin to fall completely out of the pennant chance.  If interest in the team begins to wain they’ll make a move to Bauer as his expected arrival date has been an extremely popular topic among D-Back–and MLB–fans everywhere.

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