The Time Is Now For The D’backs

By J. Levi Burnfin

It was a terrible month. There is no way around it. The D’backs were 11-17 in the month of May and were outscored by 19 runs. That is the worst month the team has had since July 2010.

Given the expectations coming into the season, even a losing record in a month would have been disappointing but six games under in a month? That’s horrific.

And it’s not as if it was a fluke, either. The D’backs played bad with many of the guys they relied on last year struggling all month.

The excuses used earlier in the season: it’s early, Chris Young and Daniel Hudson are injured, Justin Upton is still getting going, etc . . . are no longer valid explanations of why the D’backs are struggling.

It’s not early anymore. They have played 51 games – almost a third of the season. Young and Hudson are no longer injured and are back in the lineup and rotation, respectively. And Upton is still NOT hitting and it may not turn around.

The time is now. The D’backs have nine games to begin June against three teams with losing records, the Padres, Rockies and A’s. Their combined record on the season is a putrid 59-93. After that nine game stretch however, is a six-game span against the surging Angels and the team many consider to be the best team in the league this year, the Rangers.

That’s going to be tough to come out of that set with the Angels and Rangers with a winning record no matter how well the D’backs play. So, they have to make up for it by playing their best ball of the season and going at least 6-3 in the next nine games. Three series wins would be ideal but getting to a 6-3 record should be the bare minimum of what they need to do.

Otherwise, it could be another month under .500 and the very real possibility of being 15 games behind in the division.