Daniel Hudson Looks Like He’s Back

By Unknown author

The D-Backs win against the Padres was big for a couple of wins.  First, it’s the Padres and, well, you should ALWAYS beat the Padres.  The disappointing effort in Friday’s 7-1 loss can now be salvaged with a win on Sunday.  More importantly, however, is that the D-backs got a terrific effort from their number two starter, Daniel Hudson.

Hudson followed up a decent injury return start with an even better follow-up.  He allowed just 2 runs over 8 innings in his second start after a DL stint.  Especially with Ian Kennedy pitching mediocre lately, the D-Backs need a shut down starter and that’s just what he did Saturday against a sub-par Padres teams.  Possibly more important is the number of innings that Hudson gave the D-Backs Saturday.  By going 8 innings he allowed Gibson to hold back a bullpen that’s been up and down all season.

Hudson has allowed just 4 runs in his 13 innings after his injury–if you’re looking for any reason for the D-backs to get it turned around, his effort Saturday is as good as any.

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