TV Hosed Me on D-Backs-Padres

By Thomas Lynch

As a guy who lives in New York and writes a blog for the Arizona Diamondbacks, I was looking forward to this weekend’s crucial series against the Padres.  Knowing full well I probably wouldn’t be around for the end of Friday’s game, at least I had games on Saturday and Sunday that would allow me to watch the final outs.  I wasn’t disappointed Friday as sleep took over at 1-1 in the fifth inning.  Then Saturday came and that is when it hit me:  not only would I not be able to catch the final outs of Saturday and Sunday, I wouldn’t be able to catch ONE OUT of either game.  For that, I blame television.

Let’s start with Saturday.  D-Backs-Padres was scheduled for 7:15 in the East.  This season, Fox has decided that Saturday evenings are now “Baseball Night inAmerica”.  What that means is there will be five games carried by Fox at the same time.  Since Fox has exclusive rights, the only game I could watch was YankeesTigers.  What that also means is that my MLB Extra Innings package in this scenario is useless since Arizona-San Diego was not broadcast on either home feed, just by Fox’s national team.  Hence, I did not see one pitch of Daniel Hudson’s, much-needed, eight inning gem.   Thanks guys.

On to Sunday.  I noticed that this game would start at 6:30 in the East.  Seems kind of a strange time to begin a ballgame on a Sunday, no?  Well, since the Sunday night game on ESPN starts at8 PM and that is a national game, guess who gets the shaft?  I tried to see if Arizona-San Diego was originally scheduled for 8 but it seems ESPN leaves that spot open to determine the best matchup.  So once again, a big fat thank you to the TV folks.

Let’s hope these D-Back blackouts do not become a habit.  Perhaps if they play better, I won’t have to worry about not seeing them on a Sunday.  Then I would owe Kirk Gibson and the boys a genuine thank you.

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