D-Backs Still World Series Contenders? YES! YES! YES!

By Thomas Lynch

I am a wrestling fan.  Not as big as I used to be, but I watch enough to keep up with current happenings.   One of the big stars in WWE  right now is Daniel Bryan.  What does this have to do with the Diamondbacks?  Well, I asked myself this past weekend if I still thought Arizona was going to reach the World Series.   The answer, to borrow the signature catchphrase of Mr. Bryan, was and still is a resounding   YES!   YES!   YES!

I wrote last week that all we should expect from Arizona against the Rangers and Angels was a 2-4 record during their toughest six game stretch.  That is exactly how it worked out.  Even though they were shut out twice in Los Angeles, they actually outscored the Angels 5-3.   Ian Kennedy easily had his best outing on Sunday.  One of the games lost in Texas was a 1-0 defeat and in the D-Back win, they held the powerful Rangers to only three runs.  That’s four runs allowed in two games in a ballpark and against a lineup that is a nightmare for pitching.  Clearly both the rotation and the bullpen are rounding into form.   The bats are poised to awaken from their season-long slumber.  They should feast at home with the Mariners currently visiting and the Cubs due this weekend.  Last night’s 7-1 victory against Seattle featured a cycle by Aaron Hill.  In their last three victories, Arizona has scored five runs or more, for a total of 23.  Snakes alive?  You bet.

After this coming Sunday, count on the D-Backs to be at least two games over .500.   This is a team that is heading up.  They still won’t catch the Dodgers but that won’t matter.   Although the record does not indicate it, they should be the favorites to capture a Wild Card.  After all, they did win 94 games last year and stand to improve with the return of Stephen Drew  and the potential Major League debut of Trevor Bauer.    Would back-to-back playoff seasons and a World Series appearance make the Valley happy?  YES!  YES!  YES!

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