Bauer To Be Set Free, It Seems

By J. Levi Burnfin

Trevor Bauer is about to be released from his figurative prison as many have demanded on Twitter and at the park with the #FreeTrevorBauer hash tag.

Joe Saunders was placed on the DL today which means his scheduled start on Thursday, June 24 at the Braves is up for grabs. Now, the D-backs have several options to fill in for the start such as Patrick Corbin or even Ian Kennedy because the D-backs have an off day on Monday which would give Kennedy his regular rest. And given that Saunders DL stint can be dated back to June 17, which means that he will most likely only miss that June 24 start.

So it is possible that the D-backs wouldn’t want to bring up Bauer only for one start and mess with his starting schedule. He’s scheduled to pitch tomorrow in Reno so we’ll find out real quickly whether Bauer will be the call-up or not.

But if he isn’t the guy getting the call, the D-backs MUST have another plan to get him up soon because he is ready to pitch and perform well in the bigs. Whether that plan includes trading Saunders or something else, the way the team handles Thursday’s start will be telling.

Here’s hoping we’ll be seeing Bauer. And if it is Bauer, clear your schedule, get some popcorn and take a seat to watch the guy because he IS all he’s been made out to be.