D-Backs Desperately Need the All Star Break

By Thomas Lynch

If this is not the lowest point of the season, I don’t know what is.

The Diamondbacks are riding a six game losing streak after just having been swept by the lowly PadresThe Dodgers have come into town already taken the first game of a four game series, showing at least a little bit of life, more than Arizona is at the moment.  Not helping matters is Justin Upton popping off at the fans saying, “I don’t care anything what the fans think of me”.   While we understand Upton’s frustration with a season that is close to unraveling,  mouthing off to paying, loyal customers is not the way to right a ship.   The much-anticipated debut of Trevor Bauer has also put a damper on things.  The rookie was pounded on Tuesday pushing his two game ERA to almost 10.  With Patrick Corbin relieving and pitching well after relieving Bauer both games, one has to wonder if the UCLA product will be heading back to AAA soon.

Regardless of what happens this weekend against LA, the All Star Break can’t come quickly enough for the D-Backs.  The best thing for them is to get four, much-needed days off to regroup and find the mojo that made them National League West champions in 2011.  Maybe the guys can forget about baseball over the break.  Baseball is as much a mental game as it is a physical one.   They should do something other than swing a bat or throw a ball.  The cleansing of the mind is something this team needs as I believe many of their problems stem from the pressure to repeat as division champs.   Come this time next week, I believe a much different Arizona team will be taking the field in Chicago.

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