D-Backs’ Offense Keeps on Chugging; Free Tacos for Everyone!

By Thomas Lynch

It appears the bats of the Arizona Diamondbacks have woken up in a big way.  Over the last seven games, they have scored a total of 52 runs which includes being shutout on Tuesday in Cincinnati.  While we are giddy about the offensive outburst, one group of people who may be frowning at this turn of events are the managers of the Phoenix-area Taco Bells.

You see, they are running a promotion that states that if the D-Backs score six or more runs in a single game, customers are eligible to get three free tacos with the purchase of a large drink between 4 PM and 6 PM the following day.  Well, the D-Backs have scored at least six runs per game the last five days.  That would make for a lot of happy customers of Taco Bell.  With the next seven games against the last place Rockies and sliding Mets, there will be more chances for fans to take advantage of the food opportunities given to them by the Snakes’ offense.  In New York, there is a similar promotion involving the Yankees and Papa John’s Pizza.  I would bet that over the past two months as the Yanks had a surge for the ages, the folks at Papa John’s are reconsidering bringing back this deal for 2013.

Being 2,500 miles away from Phoenix, I feel a little left out as Arizona fans are enjoying free food. Granted, the window to grab the tacos is limited but I am sure plenty of people are able to take advantage of the offer.  I would love to know how many of you have gotten a freebie thanks to the D-Back bats.

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