Rookie Trahan Impresses Early In Career

By J. Levi Burnfin

Arizona Diamondbacks’ first-round pick Stryker Trahan has impressed so far for the Arizona Rookie League Diamondbacks.

Now, all stats accumulated in the rookie league should be taken with a grain of salt because of the circumstances surrounding players in the league. However, there has still been impressive signs (besides the ultra-impressive flattening of a Mariners’ prospect

Trahan has shown very good patience at the plate as he has walked more than he has struck out: 29 BBs and 24 SOs. Though, the 24 SOs are in only 131 plate appearances. He is hitting .283 with a .443 on-base and is slugging .495 so far with 12 extra-base hits in the 99 at bats.

His defense is not quite as impressive as he has allowed 34 stolen bases and only caught seven. Though, much of that is probably due to the pitchers he is catching not being able to control the running game effectively.

Again, these stats should be taken skeptically because of the environment, but still, that video of him demolishing the runner should be proof enough that Trahan is a stud!