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Trevor Cahill Needs to be Big Down the Stretch

By Thomas Lynch

If the Arizona Diamondbacks are to make it back to the playoffs in 2012, they are going to need some big performances over the next six weeks. Perhaps the player that needs to step up his game the most is not Justin Upton. It is the guy that needs to justify the price the D-Backs paid to get him this past offseason. The man that has to be huge from now on is Trevor Cahill.

At the time of the trade on December 9th, many people in baseball were saying is was just another fire sale courtesy of A’s General Manager Billy Beane. Cahill had won 40 games in three seasons in Oakland and was under club control thru 2015. Now, it is Arizona that seems to have gotten the short end of the stick as the primary players in the deal have performed better than the big righty.  Jarrod Parker is a rotation mainstay for Oakland and Ryan Cook is now the closer. Meanwhile, Cahill is an underwhelming 9-10 with a 3.85 ERA. Perhaps most disturbing are the home runs surrendered. In only 145 innings pitched, Cahill has given up 15 long balls. 19 were hit off him in 2011 but that was over the course of almost 208 innings. The sinker is his calling card;  it is a mystery as to why there have been so many hard hit balls off of him. Sitting at home, Cahill looks like a tough guy to hit, particularly for right-handed batters. Then again, that’s why I write about baseball instead of playing it for a living.

The trade for Trevor Cahill should not be considered a mistake, at least not yet. It looked like one of those win-win deals for both teams. How can you argue with trading for a good pitcher before he enters his prime? This was a transaction for both now and the future. Despite the record so far, I am confident Cahill will have been worth the price.


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