Melky Cabrera’s Suspension Helps the D-Backs in a Big Way

By Thomas Lynch

Good teams make their own breaks. Other times, breaks are created for them. Melky Cabrera  just provided the latter for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Cabrera, the All-Star Game MVP and the best player on the Giants this season, has been suspended 50 games for testing positive for a banned substance. The suspension is for 50 games and since the Giants have only 45 games remaining, Cabrera’s season is finished unless the Giants advance to the NLCS. This is unwelcome news for the game of baseball and for the fans of San Francisco. It is yet another reminder that the specter of performance-enhancing drugs still hangs over the sport despite efforts to clean it up. That being said, the suspension is great news for the D-Backs and their fans. Arizona still has nine games with the Giants down the stretch and Cabrera has carved them up this season. In nine games vs. the Snakes, he batted .461 (18-39) with two home runs, six RBI’s and seven runs scored. His absence from the lineup will allow the shaky pitching staff of Arizona to breathe a little bit easier when the teams go head-to-head.

Melky Cabrera will probably not the last player suspended for using PED’s. Hopefully, his punishment will make a guy think twice about using, particularly when they see the effect a missing Cabrera will have on the Giants.

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