The Future is Now for Arizona

By Nicholas Valenzuela

By collecting their sixth straight loss on Wednesday evening, the Arizona Diamondbacks (64-67) have almost almost lost all hope of playoff contention, with the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers slowly but surely slipping away from their grasp.

With the unfortunate turn of events for these snakes, it makes you wonder whether the best option at this point would be to let Arizona’s young electrifying talent show that they have to offer in this last month of the season. Hold unofficial tryouts for next season so that Kendricks, Towers, and Gibson have an idea of what they have to work with as they enter the offseason.

Arizona has an abundance of young pitching talent that needs more exposure at the big league level so that they aren’t culture shocked when they begin battling for rotation spots come spring training. Youngsters such as Trevor Bauer, Tyler Skaggs, and Patrick Corbin could certainly benefit from another six starts against big league squads (most of which are division rivals) through the end of the season.

Other youngsters such as Ryan Wheeler, Jacob Elmore, and A.J. Pollock could also use some additional plate appearances before the season is over. Who knows, maybe the youngsters could provide a little extra lightning that the team has been missing over the past couple of weeks and make a run at the N.L. West.