Arizona Diamondbacks Can be a Spoiler….and More

By Thomas Lynch

With 30 games left in the regular season, most of us have been resigned to the fact that the Arizona Diamondbacks chances of making the playoffs are slim. However, with a lot of games left with the Dodgers and Giants, the D-Backs will be playing the role of spoiler, throwing a monkey wrench into the rivalry of the long time West Coast rivals. And if Arizona does a number on those two teams, can we dream about something bigger?

 Currently, the Snakes reside 6 ½ games off the second Wild Card spot and 9 games off the National League West lead. They have owned Los Angeles this season, having won the last seven contests against them. They have three more games in LA this weekend and two more at home. The D-Backs started 2012 in a big way by sweeping San Francisco at Chase Field and are now 5-4 against them.  Nine games remain vs. the Giants, six on the road.  I think it is safe to say that neither team really wants to see the D-Backs in the month of September. As for winning the division, nine games is an awful lot of games to make up on August 31st even if they win all of their games against the Giants. Arizona is closer to the Wild Card position, only five games behind the Dodgers. Still, becoming one of the two teams in the one game playoff seems to be out of reach as well. But as the Rays and Cardinals proved last season, one never knows.

The logic says we will not see the Arizona Diamondbacks in the playoffs this season. However, there is still fun baseball left to be played. We want to see more of the wealth of young pitching the D-Backs possess. Perhaps most of all, it would be great if Arizona can be the team that prevents the newly minted Dodgers from making it to the postseason.

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