Should Diamondbacks Fans be Excited for Eric Hinske?

By Thomas Lynch

The Arizona Diamondbacks made a move at this week’s Winter Meetings and it wasn’t you-know-who to destination X.  Instead, the team’s first transaction was to sign veteran infielder/outfielder Eric Hinske to a one-year deal for approximately $1 million dollars.   The D’Backs are now the fifth team to employ Hinske since the beginning of the 2008 season.  Ostensibly, he is signed as a left-handed bat off the bench and to occasionally spell Paul Goldschmidt at first base.

Eric Hinske will be in his fifth uniform in five years Image: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Why did the Diamondbacks sign Hinkse? The team just signed Mark Teahen to a minor league deal, a similar player does not have the pedigree of Hinske, but who essentially would fill the same role.  Granted, a million dollars isn’t a heck of a lot of money but it could have been towards something a little more useful (like a certain shortstop who just re-upped with the San Francisco Giants)?  I know Marco Scutaro‘s contract may have been a little much for the team but at less than $7 million per year, it is hardly budget-busting.  If Scutaro was too deemed too pricey, there is still Japanese import Hiroyuki Nakajima.  He is still on the team’s radar, but now they have less cash to go after him.

I am not criticizing Eric Hinske, the player.  I just don’t think this deal was a wise one considering they already have a similar player on the roster and they need as much money as possible to go after a shortstop if they do not acquire one via trade.  If Hinske parks one in his first D’Back at-bat, I reserve the right to rescind this post.

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