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Players Who Could be Moved if the D’Backs Stumble

By Thomas Lynch

Major League Baseball has become a 12-month per year sport.  While there is an off-season for players, the time off gives the fans and the media the ability to be amateur GM’s, speculating when and where the next blockbuster trade occurs or when the next big free agent is signed.  Now that the dust has settled from last week’s Winter Meetings and we don’t expect any major moves by the Arizona Diamondbacks, I would like to discuss which players from the team could be headed elsewhere during the 2013 season if things do not go as planned.

J.J. Putz could finish elsewhere in 2013 if the D’Backs are out of contention by July 31st. Image: Jennifer Stewart

For my money, the first player to go would be closer J.J. Putz.  He had the option on his contract picked up and every contending team could use another bullpen arm. 

Jason Kubel, the subject of a couple of trade rumors last week would be another viable candidate.  He has a club option in 2014 for $7.5 million dollars or a buyout for $1 million dollars.  He would be a nice fit for an American League team looking for some pop.

Newly-acquired Eric Chavez and Eric Hinske are logical choices for teams in search of bench and particularly in Chavez’s case defensive help.

If the D’Backs decide that they will not be able to re-sign second baseman Aaron Hill, he would be very attractive to a team that thinks he can help them go deep in the playoffs.

Of course, what kind of list would this be if Justin Upton was not included?  Actually, I think that if he arrives at Spring Training in a D’Backs uniform, he will spend the entire season in Arizona.

If the D’Backs are in contention, none of these guys will be moved.  We will then be speculating at the trading deadline, which players around the big leagues would help Arizona reach postseason play.  That is a column for another day.

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