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Forget Los Angeles, Arizona Needs to Focus On Beating San Francisco

By Thomas Lynch

While browsing around the Facebook page of the Arizona Diamondbacks, I noticed there was a post on December 21st which had a picture of a “Beat L.A.” t-shirt.  The promotion is for a 20,000 t-shirt giveaway for the April 13th home game against the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Here is my response to that.

Who cares about LA? Beating Pablo Sandoval and the Giants is what matters. Image: Jennifer Stewart USA TODAY Sports

Forget about the Dodgers.  Worry about defeating the National League West team that has actually done something on the field in recent years.  Of course I am referring to the defending World Series champion San Francisco Giants who happened to win it all in 2010 as well.  This obsession about LA throwing around all of this money and having Magic Johnson as an owner still leaves out one important fact.  That team still needs to show it can win on the field, not the headlines.  The Dodgers seem to be building a team with Monopoly cash.  The Giants, on the other hand, spend money when they need to and have a player personnel department that is second to none.  As big a rivalry as LA-SF is, do you think the Giants are sweating over the Dodgers’ offseason?

This “Beat L.A.” thing has been around for years mainly because of the celebrity factor surrounding the area’s teams and their financial resources.  However, it is the Giants who should provide the measuring stick for Arizona.  The D’backs were 9-9 vs. San Francisco and 12-6 vs. Los Angeles in 2012.  L.A. has the flash and S.F. has the substance.   Would you rather beat the Giants for the NL West title or the Dodgers for bragging rights?  Seems like an easy call to me.

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