Diamondbacks News

Is Justin Upton Worth Nothing?

By Christian Moffett

Tell Justin Upton anything you want, except that he is involved in a trade to Seattle because he will nip that in the bud immediately. Whether Upton would have been a good fit in the Pacific Northwest is an issue that is for another time but since when are we putting so little value on the outfielder? Charlie Furbush would have been the best player that Arizona would have received from Seattle. Seriously? That’s a joke, right?

Justin Upton has arguably been the face of the Diamondbacks over the last several years. He has been a force offensively and is improving on the defensive side of things. I just don’t understand why the D’backs organization views him with minimal value. This is the same type of situation that happened with Chris Young. The team seems so desperate to get rid of these guys. Why?

I understand that the outfield is crowded now but if I only get Charlie Furbush in return for Upton, then that’s a problem. Nick Franklin, Stephen Pryor and Taijuan Walker were also said to be involved in the “proposed” trade to Arizona. I keep hearing about the Diamondbacks wanting to acquire more young pitchers but I like where the bullpen is at, so please, no more pitchers!

USA Today’s Bob Nightengale said talks were a “waste of time” because the trade would have never happened but whether this trade was carved in stone or not, the damage has been done. I believe Justin Upton wants to stay in the desert but after all he has done for this organization, I think he deserves a little more respect. Also, are we forgetting that Justin is only 25 years old? Upton has a lot of years left and those years need to be spent in Phoenix. This is coming from a big J-UP supporter but I know others in the baseball world agree with me. Essentially what the front office has done with this proposed deal is treat Justin like an old T.V we put on our driveway with a “FREE, PLEASE TAKE” sign taped to it.

Look! Justin Upton is hitting a home run in this picture. Good for him.