With Parra Locked Up, Now The Real Fun Begins

By Christian Moffett

As reported yesterday on Venom Strikes, the Arizona Diamondbacks have avoided arbitration and signed Gerardo Parra to one-year deal worth close to 2.4 million dollars. This means that all players on the 40-man roster for Arizona are tied down in the desert for at least one year.

As we enter the season, it is refreshing to know that we don’t have and contract concerns because when you arrive at spring training with arbitration issues with one or more players, it can be a black cloud over the organization. The D’backs can breathe easy as they fill up the big rigs and head to Scottsdale for what looks to be an exciting year of Diamondbacks baseball. Personally, I would have liked to see Parra locked in for more than one year but I think he should take this season as a challenge to really perform well and treat this season as a contract year. Gerardo has been on the constant incline as a player both on and off the field in the recent years.

Parra is likely to patrol the outfield for the D’backs most days in 2013

Unless there are some trades, which I believe will happen, everyone is carved in stone for 2013. This allows for some competitive position battles as we enter the spring. Parra will most likely be an everyday player but not unlike recent years, if production is down, don’t be surprised to see Gerardo sitting. Understandably, Gerardo Parra wanted more money but as far as he is concerned, with production comes some extra dollar signs.

Pitchers and catchers report in 5 days.