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Parra and Montero Add To An Already Strong Venezuelan Team

By Christian Moffett

If the World Baseball Classic were to be played on paper, Venezuela would probably take home the championship. The team is stacked from top to bottom and the roster resembles that of a major league team with the likes of Miguel Cabrera, Carlos Gonzalez and Anibal Sanchez. At the center of the roster are Gerardo Parra and the other Miguel: Miguel Montero.

Is that Team Venezuela or the MLB All-Star team?

Miggy recorded one hit in the Venezuelan opener versus the Dominican Republic on Thursday. Parra quietly went 0-3 with a strikeout but as usual, he contributed defensively. All that aside, this team from Venezuela looks to be a strong one and the fact that Montero and Parra are in that lineup can only help. Don’t get me wrong, I love spring training baseball, but there is something about the WBC that really excites me. The idea of playing for your country combined with the fact that these games actually mean something is a big draw to me and fans across the world. When asked about the World Baseball Classic, Miguel said:

"“This will be my first time representing Venezuela and it’s very exciting.”"

Players take pride in this event and so do fans. For me personally, I enjoy the WBC as much, if not more than the Olympics because I’m a big baseball nerd and I support anything that allows me to see more hardball. Despite being one loss away from elimination, Team Venezuela should be intimidating to some teams in its’ pool and throughout the tournament. On a somewhat related side note, former Diamondback  Alex Romero is on the roster for Venezuela. Remember him?

Montero, Parra, and gang will take on Puerto Rico tomorrow in San Juan. Yesterday, Montero took a pitch in the dirt off of his right wrist but continued the game. This proves how Miggy is such a leader not only at the plate, but behind it as well. Now that I think about it, Miggy could probably lose a foot and still end up finishing the game because that’s just who he is.

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