Rooting for Petit’s Perfect Game?

By Thomas Lynch

During the baseball season, my 8-year-old son and I have sort of a daily ritual. We wake up and watch the previous evening’s Arizona Diamondbacks game together while we are getting ready for work and school or on Saturdays and Sundays, lounging while everyone else sleeps. As you know, Yusmeiro Petit of the San Francisco Giants came within an eyelash of hurling a perfect game against the D-Backs. And you know what? I was rooting for him to do it.

I admit it, I was rooting for Yusmerio Petit. Credit: Kyle Terada, USA Today

Now, I know that seems harsh seeing as how I write a blog about the Snakes and the fact the game was a close one. However, I was hoping that my son could be a witness to baseball history. We watched Johan Santana‘s no-hitter last season but he barely was able to stay awake for that one. And truth be told, I was rooting for Petit to get it because even as a lifelong fan, I had never seen a perfect game thrown from beginning to end. Of course, I did say to my boy that if the perfect game was lost on a walk, we could sort of root for a no-hitter. If the no-hitter was lost, then we want the D-Backs to win. If anyone was going to break up the perfecto, I wanted Chris Owings to do it as it would have been the first Major League hit of his career.

In the end, it was disappointing Petit did not pitch the 22nd perfect game in the modern era of Major League Baseball.  But I was thrilled to be taking the ride with my son.

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