Will Parra Get a Long-Term Deal?

By Thomas Lynch

Over the weekend, Nick Piecoro wrote an article at azcentral.com regarding the possibilities of a long term deal for Gerardo Parra. At $2.35 million  for this season plus two more years of arbitration left, the time would be ideal for a deal if the Arizona Diamondbacks are concerned about cost certainty. However, should signing Parra to an extension this offseason be a priority?

Gerardo Parra’s long-term deal can wait. Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

General Manager Kevin Towers stated that they “value” the 26-year old outfielder “a great deal”. The issue is that the team does not have much punch in the outfield. Parra is an excellent defender but this season has shown that his offensive game is average. His .268 batting average and .325 on-base percentage with 10 home runs and 41 RBI’s in 586 plate appearances are decent numbers but unfortunately that leads all D-back outfielders in those categories (unless you count Martin Prado as primarily an outfielder). Plus, his base-stealing percentage of 50% is troubling given the fact he has pretty good speed.

If it sounds as though I am opposed to giving Parra a long-term deal, I am not. I like him.The problem is that as it stands, the D-Backs have no punch in the outfield. The price for Parra probably won’t change much over the next two seasons unless those offensive numbers take a huge leap. For that reason, I would wait at least another season and possibly two which is when Cody Ross‘s contract expires. Arizona has more pressing needs at the moment to worry about locking up Gerardo Parra long-term.

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