What Is Happening To The D-Backs Bobbleheads?

By Christian Moffett

Okay guys, it’s time for some hard hitting news: In honor of Hispanic Heritage Day on September 14th, the Diamondbacks are giving away 20K Miguel Montero bobbleheads. The only problem is that the giveaway looks nothing like Miggy. Strangely, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to really enjoy bobbleheads and sports trinkets. Even as I’m writing this, I have a very detailed Jered Weaver bobblehead on my desk from his time spent at Long Beach State. I love when stadiums have giveaways and I think Chase Field has had some awesome events, but this Miggy bobblehead is bumming me out.

See what I mean?

Remember the Aaron Hill bicycle bobblehead? Now that was cool! Not only did it look like Aaron, but it even had dirt on the jersey. The Wade Miley Garden Gnome (said in Steve Berthiaume voice) was also fantastic. Also, I feel like more could have been done with the Goldy bobblehead. The figurine isn’t in a Goldy position.

If I was making the Paul Goldschmidt giveaway, I would have constructed a figure that was shaking Matt William’s hand around third base after a homer. Cool, right? Anyway, to make a long story even longer, I think we as an organization need to step our bobblehead game. I use the term “we” because I feel like we’re all a part of this. Let’s get to spring training early next year and really focus in on the bobblehead situation. Another important aspect is the “bobble ratio.” If there’s too much or too little bobble in the head, we may have issues.

There are some pros to the Miggy figure, though. One is that it is supposed to be Miguel Montero, and I like anything related to Miggy. Also, the bobblehead is wearing a “Los Dbacks” jersey. I like those uniforms, and it is a creative move. The giveaway is sponsored by Subway, and I got to say, I enjoy a good Subway sandwich. So, props to the organization on that!

I hope you enjoyed my input on this trivial topic because on days like today, sometimes it is best to not take things too seriously. Have a great day, wherever you may


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