More Coaching Shakeups In The Organization

By Christian Moffett

I sound like a broken record, but there has been another coaching move in the Diamondbacks organization–this time in Reno.

As we know, veteran manager and all-around cool guy Brett Butler took a position with the Miami Marlins last month. Butler will serve as the third base and outfield coach for the Marlins. With BB headed to South Florida, a managerial opening appeared.

Brett Butler will serve as 3rd base and outfield coach in Miami.

The hunt for a manger has concluded and Phil Nevin will replace Butler as the Aces man in charge. You guys remember Phil Nevin, right? Nev played 12 years in the big leagues and has since managed the AAA Toledo Mud Hens in the International League. Despite an overall losing record as a manager, I really like this hiring for Reno. Nevin is a guy with one of the best intangibles for a manager and that’s baseball smarts and a real knowledge of the game. I’m a big supporter of hiring major league vets to manage minor league teams because they can share so much with young players. I hate to see Brett Butler leave, but when a big league team calls, sometimes it’s hard to not pick up the phone.

I had met Brett Butler a couple years ago in Colorado Springs and I jokingly told him, “When will we see you with the big club?” He laughed, but little did I know he would be in the big leagues–just with the wrong team! Brett Butler has served as the first and only manger of the Aces and he has guided that team to some serious success. The Marlins are bound to be better with him in their dugout because honestly, things couldn’t get much worse in Miami anyway.

The Aces and Phil Nevin will open up the 2014 campaign against El Paso and Albuquerque in an eight game home stand starting April 3rd.

In an off season where coaching moves have been anything but scarce, it looks like we finally have things straightened out in Reno. Fingers crossed!

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