The Verdict Is In, And It’s A Bummer…..

By Christian Moffett

I’m sure everyone has been frantically refreshing their Twitter feeds over the past 15 minutes to find out if Paul Goldschimidt won the NL MVP. The answer is no. He did finish second, if that means anything to you.

Not going to lie, that jump is pretty impressive! Image: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pittsburgh Pirates stud Andrew McCutchen was awarded the NL MVP for obvious reasons. I don’t have problem with this at all. Would I have liked to see Goldy win it? Of course! But, I’ve got to say that I really do enjoy watching McCutchen play baseball. Not only is he very good at the game, but he plays the game with a lot of respect. Kudos to the Pirates for a great year, and lots of new hardware to show for it.

As for the Goldy, well, he had a pretty good off season as well. The superstar brought in a Golve Glove, a Silver Slugger Award and a Hank Aaron Award. Not too shabby, huh? The only award I’ve ever received in my life was “Perfect Attendance” in 7th grade, so Goldy has me beat. Generally, voters support players more when their team is a contender, and that is a perfectly valid idea. Actually, I tend to agree with the fact that an MVP should come from a playoff team. That argument will only take us in circles though.

Apparently the league wanted to give the award to Goldschmidt, but he just simply didn’t have enough room on his fire place mantle to store all of his trophies. Therefore, Goldy did the honorable thing and let another guy have it. What a guy!

Jokes aside, it was a great year for Goldy, and it was a great year for Cutch too. The only thing I don’t like about the MVP awards being given out is that it reminds me that is isn’t baseball season. I guess I could try watching this basketball thing?

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