More D’back Holiday Shopping

By Christian Moffett

Wouldn’t it be fun to go the mall during the holidays with no budget? Actually, some people do that in real life, but for me, my college student income doesn’t allow for that. For now, I’m imagining the Arizona Diamondbacks have no budget, but are still trying to fill a need.

I’ve said before that I would like to see Arizona sign a middle infielder, but I also think a catcher could be useful. You all probably know that I love Miguel Montero and I will always want him in the lineup, but believe it or not, he can’t play everyday. The free agent market is filled with catchers that are very similar. If you look at the list of players, they fall into one big category of stocky, defensive catchers. Guys like Rod Barajas, Gerald Laird, Humberto Quintero and Brayan Pena come to mind in this category. Most people probably couldn’t tell all the possible free agent catchers apart, but one name is sticking out to me: Yorvit Torrealba.

Yorvit might look good in sedona red. image: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

I have seen Yorvit in Colorado and I have always been a fan. Is he much of an offensive threat? Well,


sometimes. Arizona shouldn’t be looking for an offensive catcher necessarily. With this young staff, the D’backs need a guy who can really call a game and can control his pitchers. Torrealba can do that. Other than the obvious elite catchers, I think Yorvit Torrealba is one of the best at calling a game and understanding the pitchers he works with.

Even though I’m playing with house money here, the price on Yorvy would be fairly low. Also, I like Wil Nieves, but defensively, he’s not very good. This is just a thought, but I feel like it may be smart to pursue another backstop. There are a lot of former Diamondbacks catchers that are free agents this year. Weird.

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