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My 1 Diamondback Free Agent Wish

By Thomas Lynch

Give me Bronson Arroyo for the 2014 D’back’s rotation. Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

If I want the Arizona Diamondbacks to make one and only one free agent signing this offseason, whom should I want them to get? I even threw in the caveat that payroll was no object.  My colleague Christian Moffett felt signing Yorvit Torrealba would be a wise move for the D’backs.  I choose to head in a different direction. Even though the rotation has a lot of bodies, there is room for one more, a guy who knows how to win and is extremely dependable. My wish is for the D’backs to sign Bronson Arroyo.

He is not the supposed impact pitcher that Matt Garza is. I don’t want to pay the money nor do I want to give him the number of years it will take to bring him to Arizona. I will take Arroyo because I know what I am going to get:  32 starts or more, 200 innings and 12-15 wins. On a D’backs’ staff that is both young and unpredictable, Arroyo brings an aura of consistency to a staff desperately in need of some. He also can show the younger pitchers how to battle through a game when his best stuff is not there. Arroyo has pitched on a World Series champion and has appeared in four other postseasons. It is safe to say the guy knows what winning is all about.

I know his age (he turns 37 in February) makes people nervous. Even if I have to go to a third year to lure him to Phoenix, I am willing to do it. I would consider Bronson Arroyo both a bridge and a mentor to a D’backs’ staff that hopes to be a dominant one within the next two seasons.

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