My 1A Free Agent Wish

By Thomas Lynch

Any chance Mark Reynolds returns to the D’backs? Credit: Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Consider this post as a sequel to the one I published last week about my one free agent wish for the Arizona Diamondbacks. When I first started thinking about one and only guy who the D’backs should sign to bolster their roster, I kept coming back to two names, one of them being Bronson Arroyo. I have not heard Arroyo’s name connected to the D’backs so I needed a backup plan. In fact, I already mentioned this guy in an earlier post this week and it is one Arizona fans know very well. What about a return to the desert for Mark Reynolds?

Before proceeding, I would like to point out my first preference is to keep Eric Chavez. I thought he was phenomenal last season but he is in demand as apparently the Yankees and Orioles have shown an interest in him as well. I know I had no D’back association when Reynolds was with the Snakes and struck out once every three at-bats. However, I did get a chance to see him play with the Yankees last season and he was a big reason why the team hung around the playoff chase for as long as they did. Should Chavez leave, Reynolds could instantly take on the role of backup first and third baseman. His defense is not as stellar as Chavy’s but he has more pop in his bat. The downside besides the whiffs is that he bats right-handed, something the D’backs have in abundance.

He might not be the guy D’back fans want to see again, but Mark Reynolds would make perfect sense for the team if Eric Chavez departs. Given his high K rate, it is doubtful that Kevin Towers would go back to that well. Odds are slim Reynolds will return but it is my wish, isn’t it?

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