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Corey Hart Should Be A D’back

By Tyler Roberts

Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

This offseason has been interesting and exciting in the National League West, except for our beloved Diamondbacks.  They seem to be ok without making any significant moves while the rest of the division is improving in one way or the other.  Tom Lynch has suggested a return tour with the Diamondbacks for Mark Reynolds and Dan Haren (already signed with the division rival Dodgers).  While Reynolds is a quality player, the strikeouts completely outweigh any good he would bring to the team.  General Manager Kevin Towers has mentioned he would like to add a corner outfielder with power to protect Paul Goldschmidt, so why not Corey Hart?

Hart was the model of consistency from 2010-2012 before his knee surgery last year.  His stats during those three years are as follows: batting .279 with a .343 OBP, a .514 SLG, with 87 home runs, 248 RBIs and 140 walks.  He also had an average WAR of 3.2 over that span and a 4.8 home run percentage.  He does struggle with strikeouts with a 22.6 strikeout percentage, and a 2.92 strikeout to walk ration.  Hart is an all-around decent player who could bring some power in the outfield to accomplish what Towers would like, protecting Goldschmidt.  The good thing is coming off surgery, Hart will be looking for a one-year cheap deal to prove himself and the Diamondbacks can afford to sign him to a year or two year deal if the price is right.

I would love to see what Hart could do for the Diamondbacks, especially if he can be the power bat they need to protect Goldschmidt and provide decent defense in the outfield.

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