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Proposed Trade For Cespedes?

By Christian Moffett

The hot stove this off season in the MLB has been on full blast, and the D’backs found themselves in the middle of it. Earlier this week, the Arizona Diamondbacks gave Heath Bell and David Holmberg away for free, virtually gaining nothing in return.

However, a proposed trade was first released by Ken Rosenthal in a tweet saying:

"Sources: #Athletics, #DBacks discussed trade that would have sent Cespedes to AZ for Skaggs-Pollock-plus. However…"

The however aspect of this tweet was that Oakland would have only given Yoenis Cespedes away if they would have gotten a monster return–and rightfully so. I look at Cespedes as a better, less bratty version of Yasiel Puig. Both players virtually came out of nowhere and became big stars. Cespedes just did it by ruffling less feathers.

Oakland will shop Cespedes, but not without a big price tag Image: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

While I would have loved to see Yoenis become a Diamondback, it doesn’t really solve the problem of starting pitching for Arizona. The D’backs have outfielders. We know that. Also, I will never support a trade that involves Tyler Skaggs going to another team, I just won’t! This proposed trade would have cost the Diamondbacks A.J. Pollock and who knows who else!

Overall, it’s fun to think about these big trades, but in reality, it probably would not have been the best thing for Arizona to follow through with this one. We did learn some things about this possible trade, though. The Snakes are looking for a big bat, which is great news. I just don’t like the idea of Pollock and Skaggs being used as bait for either a bat, or a starting pitcher. I feel like I’m the only person who likes Tyler Skaggs and doesn’t want to see him leave.

Only time will tell who the Diamondbacks are chasing. Until then, keep your Twitter accounts handy (it’s not like we don’t spend all day on it, anyway)

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