Ziegler Re-Signs with Arizona, Makes Everybody Happy

By Christian Moffett

I won $3 on a scratch ticket the other day and I felt like I was living large! Brad Ziegler has me beat now, though.

Ziegler will continue pitching ground ball, because obviously.

In a move announced today, Ziegler and the Arizona Diamondbacks have agreed on a 2-year extension worth 10.5 million (whoa, baby!) BZ deserves every dime of that money because he came in and filled a J.J. Putz-sized hole last season very well. Ziegs posted a 2.22 ERA and was 13 of 15 in save opportunities.

Ziegs will receive $4.5 million next year, and $5 million the year after. The buyout is $1 million. In case you’re not a mathematician: 4.5+5+1=10.5

Ziggy tweeted out the news earlier today from his account @BradZiegler

"Just agreed to an extension with the @Dbacks! Really excited to stay in Arizona for a couple more years, at least!"

This is one of two moves that I really hoped would have worked out for Arizona. The other move being the re-signing of Eric Chavez, which also went well! B-Ziegs won’t be the closer, but he is versatile in filling different spots. 7th inning? Sure. 8th inning hold? You betcha! Save? Sure, why not?

Good move by Arizona. Smart move by Arizona.

My favorite part of Ziegler’s extension is that we can come up with new nicknames for him. We’ve got four in this post alone!

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