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VenomStrikes Mailbag: Twitter Asks, Venom Strikes Answers

By Chris Jackson

Today I asked for some fan questions on Twitter. I got only 3 of ’em, so this’ll be short …

Melissa B. (@Melizard21) –

Q: Can you find out if the Dback players will be signing autographs before EACH Spring Training game, not just opening ST game?

A: The Diamondbacks will be signing autographs prior to each HOME Spring Training game, per their Twitter account (@dbacks).

Chris L. (@DbacksForLife22) –

Q: What’s the closer situation going to look like next year? Will it still be Reed? How about middle inning setup? Ziegler + Perez?

A: I’m hesitant to answer regarding the setup and middle inning situation. The Dbacks bullpen is their strong suit, and as is the norm in the desert, I would count on a “by committee” type for middle innings relief and setup, while Reed is our named closer for the time being. Whatever is working best is what I would count on, with Spring Training providing more answers.

Coximus (@Coximus2) –

Q: Who is a better outfielder? Trumbo or a chewed piece of gum…

A: I’m going to invoke the rights provided to me by the 5th Amendment on this question.

Keep those questions coming! I know the DBacks fans are out there … let’s drum up some noise!