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Ranking the N.L. West in 2015: Third Base

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As we get closer and closer to the 2015 season, Diamondbacks fans need to be realistic about how far this team can go this year. We cant forget that this team finished with the worst record in all of baseball, even if it was because of injuries. I don’t like fans that predict their team to win the World Series every year just because.

With that being said, its always good to see where your team stacks up to the competition, and that is what were going to do here at Venom Strikes as we reach the end of the off-season. We will rank the N.L. West teams by position, and we will review what each team did this off-season. The N.L. West is going to be tough. The Dodgers are elite, the Giants are the champs, and the Padres got significantly better.

So far in this series we have taken a look at first base, second base, and shortstop. Today we will take a look at third base, otherwise known as the hot corner. Without further here are our rankings of the third basemen in the N.L. West. All numbers courtesy of FanGraphs.