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Mark Trumbo Wins Arbitration Case Against the Diamondbacks


This was the first time since Damien Miller in 2001 that the Diamondbacks had to go to an arbitration hearing to detirmine a players salary. 

Whether you like the arbitration process or not (and most baseball people would tell you it’s the worst part of the offseason), history was made today when the Diamondbacks went to an arbitration hearing with outfielder Mark Trumbo to determine his 2015 salary.

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 The team’s first arbitration hearing in 14 years didn’t go in the Diamondbacks favor. CBS Sports Baseball Insider Jon Heyman first reported on twitter that Mark Trumbo won his arbitration case against the Dbacks.

Trumbo will make $6.9 million in 2015. The Diamondbacks filed at $5.3 million. That is a large difference for a player that had an injury shortened 2014.

Trumbo made $4.8 million last season, so it’s kind of surprising that he is going to make more money this year.

Trumbo played in just 88 games in 2014, and hit 14 home runs, with 61 RBI’s in 328 at bats.

The Diamondbacks are hoping that he can be the player he was with the Angels in 2013, and be a force in the middle of the lineup, as long as he is healthy.