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Ranking the N.L. West in 2015: Center Field

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Sign A.J. Pollock to a long-term deal. Now. Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

1. Diamondbacks: 2.5 WAR (#12)

The Diamondbacks have the no.1 center fielder in the division, and he is here to stay! A.J. Pollock along with Paul Goldschmidt is the reason why the Diamondbacks aren’t in the midst of a long rebuild.

Pollock is the best defensive center-fielder in all of baseball, he hits lefties and righties equally well, and he is perfect in the lead-off spot because he can get on base, and wreak havoc with his speed.

Pollock is one of the few guarantees on this roster, and he provides stability. Hopefully Pollock will be here for years to come. I still don’t understand why the Diamondbacks haven’t locked him up yet. This team is trying to build around Goldy and Pollock. Paul has his long term deal, and now its time to pay A.J.

Remember when Diamondbacks fans were upset when we traded Eaton? Pollock has made us forget about him. In case your wondering Pollock is expected to be better than Adam Eaton (1.8 WAR) in 2015.